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My ex, my carpet

Soraya , Raquel
Duration 29 minutes
Quality HD
Category Trample
Date Mar 10, 2020


Raquel tries to please Soraya with a new costume, but the brunette ends up breaking up with her. Of course, the girl gets angry and is already tired of Soraya's insults, so she decides it's time to show who's the boss. Tying the brunette with a rope and attacking her to the point of throwing her to the ground, Raquel treads deeply with her feet on each part of her body, making her look like a surfboard, and sometimes using her belly as a trampoline. Without mercy, she steps to crush, discounting all the anger at being rejected on every step. Soraya cries and screams, but cannot escape, and ends up becoming the carpet of her ex-girlfriend. Cruel and fair!

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Feb 18, 2022

The video won't play.


Mar 07, 2020

The girl on this video is not Soraya, is Stella, please fix the description...

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