Ugly sandals trampling you

Mary Castro , Latifa
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Trample
Date Oct 29, 2019


Mary Castro comes home from work and realizes that Latifa spent another day doing nothing. Slack as she is, the brunette still insults Mary's new clothes and sandal, and they soon get so irritated with each other that they fight physically. Without patience, Mary drops the brunette to the floor and decides to show her the power of her "ugly sandals". With thin heels, Mary starts stepping on Latifa's legs to sink her skin, and then causes more pain by stepping on the brunette's belly and chest as well. After a few stomps using her heels, Mary gets barefoot and crushes Latifa's face and body with every step she takes beneath her as she screams, begs for the torment to stop and almost faints. Can you imagine how unbearable the pain of being crushed by such strong feet must be?

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