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Get out or be trampled

Dayana , Outro
Duration 19 minutes
Quality HD
Category Trample
Date Mar 03, 2020


Dayana comes home and finds her roommate resting in her bed. The two argue and the brunette refuses to leave the room, which irritates Dayana and makes her attack the girl. Thrown on the floor and with the blonde on top of her, the roommate continues to fight with Dayana, what makes the blonde step more and more deeply and angrier on her. With the soles stretched and with all the strength she has in her legs, Dayana jumps, walks and tries to stay on, standing, on the most sensitive parts of the brunette's body, so that she feels the excruciating pain of her organs and limbs being crushed by feet. Because she is so thin, the brunette suffers with so much weight and will certainly have footprints on her skin for a long time!

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