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Heavy steps

Jade , Bel , Denise
Duration 29 minutes
Quality HD
Category Trample
Date Mar 31, 2020


These three girls are bored, when Bel suggests that they play trample, and the two blondes soon agree. First, Denise lies on the floor without clothes, and allows the two friends to step on her. Her legs, abdomen, chest and even her face are crushed, as the girls climb together on her and walk mercilessly, with heavy steps. Soon after, it is Jade's turn, who also suffers from the pain of stomping and also has her whole body crushed, but resists firmly. Finally, it is Bel's turn to be trampled and the brunette feels her skin and her organs sunk by her friends' stomps, the way she proposed the game from the beginning. Wow!

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