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My socks belong to my feet!

Perla , Jade
Duration 17 minutes
Quality HD
Category Trample
Date Mar 24, 2020


Jade catches Perla picking up her socks without asking again. Tired of the situation, she decides to teach Perla that she shouldn't mess with her things and show the power her feet have. With Perla stretched out on the floor, Jade climbs on her wearing high heels, and mercilessly sinks her shoes into the girl's skin when she steps on her. Perla's legs and chest take very strong steps, and her belly is used as a trampoline by Jade. The malice in each squeeze that Jade gives with her sole on Perla's body is immense, but as much as she is suffering from the pain, the brunette struggles not to show. Literally trampled by Jade, Perla will have very ugly footprints on her skin! Poor thing!

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