A slave's desperation

Carol Castro , Nicole , Milla
Duration 18 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Jul 27, 2020


Today is Milla's desperate day, and these two dommes are so ready to step on the slave until she can't take it anymore! First, they start by using the girl's belly as a trampoline, jumping from side to side and making a point of almost crashing Milla's internal organs. Soon after, they take turns to stand on the girl's chest and leave her completely breathless. But the worst comes when the two dommes decide to climb on the slave together! One on the chest and one on the abdomen, the girls support all their weight on top of Milla and let their feet sink into her skin. Milla screams, cries and despairs, while her belly turns red and bruised. The girl almost can't resist! Wow!

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Jul 21, 2020

Great vid. Love Mila’s little belly fat get crashed by the jumps. one thing if you can pass on to Milla, tell her NOT to cut her hair short again. she is much more sexier with long hair. and I want to say something to the cast crew. please make the jumps higher like in the old days when they use to jump off a table ladder or a chair ill buy way more videos of that. thank you

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