Don't let me fall

Bia Mello , Alessia
Duration 32 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Jul 13, 2020


Bia is wearing gym clothes, and her exercise today will be to step on Alessia. The slave is already lying on the floor, ready to serve as a doormat, and Bia climbs on her with her sneakers without hesitation. Leaving the mark of the soles on every part she steps, Bia walks on top of the body of the slave and, sometimes, stands for a long time leaning on one place, leaving bruises on Alessia's skin. The slave's chest, abdomen and even head are crushed without mercy in this trample session, and as much as Alessia squirms and cries in pain, Bia prunes her complaints and continues to sink her feet into the girl, scolding her every time the slave almost makes her fall. Such a big domme on top of such a small slave... Poor her!

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