No complaints, just pain

Nicole , Felicia
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Nov 23, 2020


The smell of Nicole's cigarette doesn’t please Felicia, and the domme gets very angry about it. While she smokes, she makes the slave lick her shoes to polish them, but soon the punishment gets heavier. Felicia lies on the floor and Nicole gets barefoot, ready to knead her belly. Stepping and marching, the domme makes Felicia run out of air and get all red with pain, because the little slave cannot bear to be stepped on by a domme so much bigger than her. When Felicia has her internal organs well crushed, Nicole sits on top of the girl and makes her lick and suck on her toes, soles and the insteps of her feet. In addition to being trampled and bearing all the weight on her, Felicia has yet to please Nicole's feet. Wow!

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