Smashing your stomach

Scarlet White , Larissa Ramos
Duration 31 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Nov 16, 2020


Larissa tells the domme that she is hungry, and without patience as usual, Scarlet will punish her for complaining. Placing the slave on the kitchen floor, Scarlet steps on her stomach to make the pain and hunger she feels worse, marking the soles of her slipper across the slave's abdomen and chest. The domme does squats and walks over Larissa's body, who cries out in pain and runs out of breath every time Scarlet steps in the area of her lungs. The domme's weight is all over the slave, and you can see her skin sinking with each step of Scarlet on top of her. Larissa has even lost her hunger, because after so many steps, her stomach is bruised and sick! Ouch!

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