Begging for votes

Tay , Daniel Santiago
Duration 28 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Oct 12, 2020


A corrupt politician knocks at Tay's door and proposes anything in exchange for votes, and as she is already furious with these type of people, she decides to take advantage of the moment to make him pay for his mistakes. Tay wears his black boots to crush Daniel's entire body, walking on top of him and stepping on his abdomen mercilessly. She sinks her feet into his chest and leaves him all scarred, screaming in pain as the girl gloats on him and hurts even his internal organs. Tay hurts him so badly with her feet that she even stands on top of Daniel's head, and it's almost unbearable for him! This politician will never be corrupt again after this painful trample!

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Oct 10, 2020

I love NewMFX for it's lesbian trample videos but are anyone really buying the f/m trample videos? If I wanted to buy f/m trample videos then there are so many other stores that produce better content.

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