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Lick and Smash

Larissa Ramos , Manuela
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Nov 02, 2020


Manuela puts Larissa to clean her dirty soles with her tongue, of course! She demands increasingly saliva licks on her shoes, but remains dissatisfied with the slave's work. So it's time to punish her! Manuela lays her down on the floor, and steps on her hard. Putting her foot against her belly, Manuela pulls out cries of pain from the girl, but nothing compares to despair when the domme stands on top of Larissa's head and chest. It is excruciating to endure all that weight and stomping, the pain is immense! And between one crush and another, Manuela imposes her to lick her soles. So much demeaning, ouch!

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