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Smashed on the table

Manuela , Isabel
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Nov 18, 2019


Isabel is relaxing in the shade, but is caught in the act by her domme Manuela, who doesn’t allow the girl to rest and stop her work not even for a second! Isabel gets stifled by Manuela's hands and can barely breathe, but the worst is yet to come: Manuela lays her on the wooden table and climbs on top of her, using her feet to stomp deep into Isabel's body. Marching like a soldier and crushing every inch of the slave's skin, Manuela makes a point of hurting the girl, crushing her small breasts and sagging her belly. Isabel's legs also suffer from stomping, and with each shy moan of pain the slave releases, Manuela scolds her more!

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