Snoopers must be smashed

Manuela , Alessia
Duration 31 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Jan 27, 2020


Manuela is talking to a friend on the phone, telling everything she did on the weekend, when she notices a movement behind the curtains: it’s Alessia, listening to her conversations! The domme gets furious with the slave's audacity, and simply can’t accept this behavior. She then decides to step on Alessia as if she were a new carpet, until the girl understands that she shouldn't share her secrets. Without a shirt, Alessia has her breasts, her sternum, her belly and even her pussy crushed by Manuela, who supports her weight on her for a long time. She sinks her feet into Alessia, crouches down and walks on top of her, putting strength and a lot of revenge on each step she takes. Can you imagine how much Alessia's internal organs were injured?

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