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Trample around the house

Tay , Alessia
Duration 33 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Nov 09, 2020


Tay is putting on makeup and when Alessia arrives in the bathroom, she has the brilliant idea of using her as a rug, to better reach the mirror in which she is looking. Stretched out on the floor, Alessia is stepped on by Tay, who leaves all her weight on her, and when she realizes that the slave is suffering, she starts having fun walking on top of her. Stomps on her face, hands, chest and abdomen, which get worse when Tay takes Alessia to her office and starts a trample session with her on the table! The slave screams in pain and Tay makes her lick her feet between stomps. It is a mix of pain, torment and demeaning, and Alessia just wants to get out of there. Ouch!

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