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Boring neighbor punished

Priscila , Alana , Babi Ventura
Duration 33 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Aug 12, 2019


Alana and Babi are enjoying loud music as they envision a party at their home. For her misfortune, Priscilla comes to complain about the noise twice in a row, and the girls get mad at their neighbor's annoyance. Babi attacks her, catching her by the hair and tossing her to the floor, so that Priscilla's body was stretched across the room to look like a catwalk. From then on the girls have fun mistreating their neighbor, using her as a rug and making several stomps and bounces on her chest, belly and legs while still listening to music! Priscila is also stifled by the girls' hands and feet covering her face and causing more despair, in addition to the pain their feet cause when they sink into their neighbor's skin! Ouch.

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