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Did you call us fat?

Chris , Bianca , Layana
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Trample
Date May 14, 2019


Chris and Layana are lying down admiring their new sandals, ready to rest after a long day. Suddenly, Bianca arrives completely high and disturbing their peace, throwing herself on the bed and saying that she will rest there with them. Soon, Chris and Layana get angry with the girl and try to impose her to rest on the floor. Bianca resists and they begin to fight, but as the pair is in advantage, they end up throwing Bianca on the ground and wearing her beautiful new sandals to leave marks of pain on the girl's body. These two huge women hurt Bianca a lot, so she cries desperately all the time! Didn’t she call them fat? Then the fat ones will crush her!

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