Extreme Trample Exercises

Alessandra Marques , Lola Mello , Priscylla
Duration 30 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Trample
Date Feb 07, 2014


Alessandra and Lola Mello is talking about many things when Alessandra asks about Lola's body, is perfect, Alessandra is curious about what she does to have a perfect body. Lola said that is doing steps exercises by tv, for coincidence the favorite show of Lola is starting and Alessandra is her guest to try. Lola immediatly calls for Priscylla that lie down on the floor. Lola start to trample her fragile body, together Lola and Alessandra will destroy Priscyla body in a cruel and sensual trample extreme. The girls smashed her head intensely, jump and walk on her body.

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