Extreme Trample Jump Squeezing Head Flip Flop

Alessandra Marques , Tati
Duration 29 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Trample
Date Nov 25, 2013


Alessandra Marques arrives at the beach, she is wearing flip flop and her slave Tati never saw Alessandra with flip flop, Alessandra aways is wearing high heels... Tati is very excited and asks for her queen to worship her feet. Alessandra accepts and give the feet to Tati that is doing a great job cleaing the flip flop. Alessandra had an idea and order to the slave to lie down on the floor and be ready to be trampled. Alessandra crushes Tati's body without mercy, with lot of hard jumps and trample head, squeezing Tati's face on the floor with her full weight and cruelty. Tati likes to serve Alessandra and is very satisfied too.

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