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It's time for my revenge!

Latifa , Karla , Luca Medeiros
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Trample
Date Dec 18, 2018


Karla is thirsty and when she goes to get something to drink, she discovers her maid forgot to change the gallon, so they are completely without water. She screams the serving girl’s name and when the girl comes, she starts to complain about her work. Tired of being mistreated every day and not recognized for everything she does for the house and for her mistress, Perla is thirsty too, but for revenge. This maid wants to debut her new flip flops and guess how she’s gonna do it? Stepping on Karla’s face, breasts and belly while this mistress is almost naked. Perla also ties her hands up so she won’t disturb the trample section. With every scream from pain, Perla’s revenge gets sweeter. Karla also has to kiss and lick her maid’s feet. When the water guy finally comes along, he also joins the revenge, tired of Karla always being a bitch with him too. What a plot twist!

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