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Duration 31 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Jul 22, 2019


Babi, Victoria, Demmi and Tay are relaxing at their favorite club, waiting for their drinks and sunbathing. Suddenly, Priscilla arrives and extends her towel near the girls, who soon make fun of the servant and say that there is not her place. Priscilla insists on staying and enjoying her day off at the pool, but the girls don’t accept it at all and decide to put her in her right place: under their feet! Demeaned and rejected, Priscilla is imposed to lie on the floor while the girls parade in bikinis over her body, walking on her and sinking her skin. They jump, they crush, they walk and they instigate to cause pain, mistreating the servant. Wow!

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Jul 20, 2019

She must feel more pain than her can resist. She should feel that pain until her face turns red. Successful beautiful video, thank you very much. More pain more domination :)

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