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Punishing an insolent maid

Karla , Desiree , Monica
Duration 29 minutes
Quality HD
Category Trample
Date Apr 23, 2019


These two friends, Desiree and Karla, are chatting peacefully when Karla’s maid, Monica, watches them from afar and responds rudely to her domme. Not tolerating her insolence and encouraged by the cruel Desiree, Karla decides to punish Monica and teaches her how to behave in front of her domme and her visits. Wearing beautiful black boots, these two friends leave the maid naked, throw her on the floor and step on her body, making her feel like a rug and causing a lot of pain. Monica begs for the girls to stop, but they are amusing themselves more and more, sinking their feet into the maid’s skin. This is for her to learn how to never again disrespect anyone again! Ouch!

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