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Screams of pain

Adrielly Fernandes , Ju
Duration 31 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Dec 16, 2019


Adrielly comes home and catches her slave taking a bath in her bathroom and using her expensive products. The domme may seem calm, but she will show her rage at Ju's disobedience with every stomp she makes on the slave. Barefoot, she climbs on top of Ju and gets on her breasts, crushing them as the girl tries to contain the pain. Soon after, she walks on the rest of Ju's body, imposing the sole against her skin to crush her legs and belly in addition to her face. Of course Adrielly also has fun jumping on her abdomen, pinching her nipples and covering her mouth while Ju screams in pain in despair. Although thin, Adrielly has a lot of strength and puts her on every step!

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