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Sisters in law's romance

Amanda , Karla , Carol
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Trample
Date Nov 05, 2019


Amanda gets a visit from her sister-in-law Karla, and the maid Carol discovers that they both have a romance. Threatening to tell Amanda's husband, Carol is attacked by the sisters-in-law, who will shut her up in the worst possible way. Leaving her naked, Amanda and Karla pour hot wax all over the maid's body, who has her belly and breasts burnt from the drops. To make the pain worse, they both step on the bruises, marching on Carol and crushing her internal organs while worsening the burns. Barefoot, they make a party sinking into Carol's skin, which moans in pain and squirms. The girl's abdomen gets swollen and red, because the stomps are so strong that it is almost unbearable to put up with it!

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