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Three against one

Karla , Iohana Alvez , Latifa , Darla
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Trample
Date Feb 12, 2019


Darla, Karla and Latifa are planning their party on the gym, already ready for it. They call Iohana, a boring and inconvenient friend, telling her to go to the party with them, but the girl pisses off them all so much that they lose their patience with her. These three make fun of her, while Darla proposes a little game, by laying her on the floor and taking of her clothes… Guess for what? TRAMPLE! The heavier one starts, using her weight to smash Iohana’s legs and belly. Karla and Latifa get excited with the cruelty and decide to use their beautiful sneakers to leave painful marks on Iohana's chest too. Not satisfied with her suffering, these three also kiss her, lick her hard nipples and masturbate her delicious pussy, taking advantage of the fact that she hates lesbians. Even though she complains, they won’t stop. They wanna make her feel pain in every step they give on top of her body!

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