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Trained Slave

Lilith , Babi Ventura , Isabel
Duration 33 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Apr 01, 2019


Lilith is such a cruel dome! She’s telling Babi how trained and afraid her slave is, because she always hits her when she disobeys. The blondie and her friend are resting their feet on the slave’s back while having this talk, but Isabel gets too tired of supporting their four feet and complains. Oh, these two domes won’t let her do that without being punished! A heavy session of trample starts, in which Isabel will suffer like never before. They jump, step and sink their feet so much on her skin and body that she almost cries and throws up in pain. The slave gets all red for trying to fight against the pain and also ends up with flip flop marks on her skin, including her face. Poor little girl!

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