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Trample Jump Gang and Crush Face

Adriana , Jady Belmont , Lu , Nicole Bittencourt
Duration 30 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Trample
Date Oct 13, 2012


All things in this world have its correct place, including the people who lives in this world. All working in a perfect tune, following a complex food chain. Like I and you, all people have a place in this pyramid. Today, the Lu will learn that her place is not with these girls, is very below!!! She really doesn't have notion of this. When Nicole Bitencourt, Jady Belmont and Adriana arrive and see Lu taking a sun bath in the swimming pool, It's time to do Lu discover that she wasn't born to have this great life. These wonderful girls have perfect feet and will put Lu in her correct place, under these feet. A punishment that Lu never will forget, she was trampled very hard, her face was crushed by these cruel girls. They start to jump in her body, causing a big pain. In this film, you'll see wonderful girls wearing bikinis and do a real trample extreme in a slave without mercy. You'll see great angles and hot close ups in feet.

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