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Trampling duo

Alana , Grazy , Amandinha
Duration 34 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Oct 15, 2018


Alana and Grazy are very tired and make their slave Amandinha give a very special attention to their feet, they really need it! So, Amandinha makes a massage on the mistresses’ feet, but they got bored very quickly. That’s why they decided to make things harder. They put her laid down on the hard floor and while one of them tramples the slave, the other one sticks her foot inside her mouth, making her swallows it. They keep on changing positions and places. The mistresses are having too much fun watching their slave moaning with pain and gagging with their feet, so they keep on demeaning her as the session goes by, trampling her breasts, belly, and throat!

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