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Trapped and tormented

Milla , Babi Ventura
Duration 31 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Sep 09, 2019


Milla has been trapped and tied to the big erotic X for two days in a row! Cold and hungry, she is daily tormented by Babi, and today the domme will mistreat her by stepping on her! Wearing only her panties and with her entire body exposed, Milla is imposed to lie on the floor and take Babi's shoes off so that the domme can crush her barefoot, sinking the soles of her feet into every piece of her skin. Milla’s belly, breasts, and legs are deeply injured with every step Babi takes on top of her, besides resting her full weight upon the slave. In addition, the domme stifles Milla by pinching her nose and blocking her airways with her feet as well. Poor girl!

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