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Trying on new shoes

Melissa Lisboa , Ariella
Duration 31 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Sep 02, 2019


Melissa can't decide which shoe to wear today, so she will make her slave Ariella help her decide. Can you imagine how? In addition to having to put on Melissa's shoes, Ariella will be the catwalk for her domme, so she can parade as much as she wants and see which shoe is most suitable and comfortable to tread all day. With Melissa’s high heels sinking into the her skin one by one, Ariella moans in pain and squirms, but Melissa has so much fun that she decides to take off all the heels and step on the girl barefoot, jumping on her belly and chest, tormenting her with pain and her weight against the slave’s body. Ariella becomes a real doormat and trampoline for her domme to have fun until she decides which shoes to wear!

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