Trampling for a confession

Iris , Julia
Duration 29 minutes
Quality HD
Category Trample
Date Nov 26, 2019


Iris realizes that an amount of money is missing on her company account, and when she asks her secretary to report, she realizes that Julia is lying and she is the one who stole the money. Therefore, the brunette decides to torment her until she confesses, in the most painful way possible for her to see the marks and never repeat the act of stealing… Iris will trample her! The brunette begins by tying Julia's hands, shoving her feet into her mouth and sitting on her face, but none of this compares to the stomps she gives on her employee. Being much heavier than Julia, Iris climbs on her legs and belly and stands for a long time, in addition to sinking her soles into her skin and bouncing on her belly. Can you imagine the pain? Of course Julia ends up confessing the crime!

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