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Trampling the lesbian

Full movie length: 30 minutes Production date: Nov 12, 2019 Full movie price: US$ 11.99 Mary Castro | Cristina Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

Mary is going to visit her friend Cristina after a long time without seeing each other, and the visitor arrives already giving excessive compliments to her friend's appearance. Cristina finds it strange and tries to move away, but Mary continues with the flirting and appreciates the slaps she receives from her friend. Outraged by Mary's lesbianism, Cristina decides to use her as a rug to see if the forced stomps on her body makes her learn the limits of their friendship. In a very thin blue heel, Cristina steps as far as she can on Mary's body, sinking her feet and staying on her for long seconds until her skin is bruised and scarred. Mary screams for the pain of punishment, but Cristina only steps harder and harder!

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